How To Do Smoky Eye Makeup?

The weather this is about attending a marriage or visiting any place, make up can help in getting good looks. If you are a girl and reading this article then you may have seen smoky eye makeup which looks really amazing. What’s better than looking different and beautiful in all friends and everyone is looking for you?  If you are willing to do a smoky eye makeup then the first thing you have to do is to choose the color which looks good on your skin tone. On the other hand, black and gray is the most common color and you can also try this.

Doing Eye Makeup

The thing which is required is three shades of color or shade you are willing to apply. This tutorial is about creating black and gray color eyes so use the right supply for your eyes. First of all, use loose powder because this will be helpful in giving you the best blending. Now, use pitch-black eyeliner to create a smoky eye and the alternative in this condition is pencil, cream as well as liquid eyeliner.  The use of cream and liquid eyeliners will help in getting smooth finishing. Always apply your highlighter and some medium shades but make sure you sweep it over the eyelid.

How To Fix A Mistake?

The first issue which girls face is due to applied extra powder in starting. Actually, this powder fall on cheeks and most of the girl forgot to clean it. Always remove it using a brush before moving out. The second precaution you can take is to keep the fluffy brush, makeup remover, and q-tips to fix any kind of issue. In any condition, if you have applied extra shade then this will be helpful in loosing shadow on cheeks.

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